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We look forward to being back to our book signings on the South Shore along with the Paragon Carousel as soon as possible. In the mean time we hope everyone stays safe. We are all in this together.

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While these children’s books were written to inspire children through the actions of the main character, Muffy MacMouse, including, to care and share, make the right choices and follow the rules in their daily lives, they still provide wonderful, enjoyable reading for the young.  All of the books include a CD in which the story is narrated and there are one or two original songs by the author.

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Muffy Mac Mouse and the Village of Friendship


This is a book about a vagabond mouse named Muffy MacMouse who comes to live in the Village of Friendship where it costs no money to stay, but you have to be able to care and share with others in order to live there.  Muffy is friends with all of the people in the village who are named after the author’s grandchildren.

$18.99 with CD



Muffy Mac Mouse and Christmas in the Village 


Muffy MacMouse, a Scottish mouse sporting the MacLeod tartan kilt and tam, returns to the Village of Friendship for a Christmas time story. To live in the Village you must be able to care and share with your brothers and sisters. Muffy has problems with making good decisions when it comes to the things he enjoys doing and the things he should be doing. After choosing play time several times rather than helping everyone else in preparing for the Christmas festival, Muffy finally realizes that he has made bad choices and he tries to make it up to all the people in the village by preparing a wonderful Christmas feast.

$18.99 with CD

Muffy MacMouse Comes to Paragon Park


Muffy brings his friends from the village to Hull, Massachusetts where they stay at the Clock Tower Inn.  During the night they all fall into a dream that takes them back in time to enjoy the wonderful memories of Paragon Park.  Paragon Park was located on the shores ot the Atlantic Ocean in an area known as Nantasket Beach for eighty years until it closed in 1985.  Muffy and his friends enjoy many of the rides in the park.  They also sample some of the salt water taffy, frozen cutard and cotton candy that was sold near the park. When they come out of their dream they ride on the Paragon Carousel which is the only thing left from the original park.

$18.99 with CD

Purchase all three books for only $45.00 including tax.

Take advantage of this great offer!

Eighty is the New Forty

“Eighty is the New Forty”, is the title of my new book.  It is my story of  the inspiration and spirituality that I have acquired from the very strong people in my life that held  on to the tightwire that balanced the amazing adventures, along with the sadness and challenging times in my life.

Writing this book gave me the opportunity of living my lifetime once again through my memories and choices that I make being the age 82, compared to my childhood thoughts.

I do feel much younger than eighty two today by keeping active with my husband Lloyd, living with our amazing friends that circle around us to enjoy lunch and a movie, afternoon tea or playing catch up on the telephone chatting for hours. Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren being around us giving us total joy!

My husband Lloyd, along with the adoption of our mouse child, Muffy, the main character in my collection of Muffy MacMouse books, gives us so much pleasure. He is our perfect mouse that keeps his room clean, always does what he’s told, never forgets doing homework and is great company hanging around with us as we live our retired lives.  Muffy is also one of the adopted horses on the Paragon Carousel at Nantasket beach in Hull, Massachusetts as he spins around spreading the lessons to children of caring and sharing, following the rules and making the right choices.

I hope all my readers will be inspired as they share my life with me. 

Price is $16.00


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